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 Our new paper on Coral Rapid Adaptation out in NCC.
Can corals survive climate change? Coral reef experts deliver urgent recommendations for future research



- New open access paper in Evolutionary Applications " Ocean acidification influences host DNA methylation and phenotypic plasticity in environmentally susceptible corals"

- Research featured as Top Story by NSF News Science360

- Research featured in Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Annual Meeting Press
- Coral epigenetics research featured on Al Jazeera America's Techknow http://america.aljazeera.com/watch/shows/techknow.html
- Trans-generational accllimatization research featured in Washington post
- Trans-generational acclimatization research featured in Natural History magazine.
- Coral trans-generational plasticity paper featured as Top Story by NSF News Science360
- New trans-generational plasticity paper featured in Journal of Experimental Biology. 8.5.2015
- Commented on great new paper out by Dixon and coauthors in Science.  Some good news for corals!
- Traveled to WHOI for NSF OA PI Meeting where I gave a talk on Parental effects and trans-generational plasticity in corals: Coping with rapid environmental change
- Next set of Trans-generational plasticity experiments underway at HIMB

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